After a long home-made Cava manufacturing tradition, on 1996 our Cava cellar decided to commercialize its most precious product: Cava.


Nevertheless and even though we started commercialization, we’ve kept the same spirit and philosophy that we had in our beginnings. Because we believe in the singularity of each of our bottles, our cava cellar always has bet for a traditional manufacturing process applying a strict and careful follow-up from start to end.


Our Cava cellar offers a wide variety of different Cavas out of which stand out the brands Guillem Carol and Parellada Faura that will surely convince the most quality demanding palates. The enormous excitement and confidence we put in our cava is the reflection of a well done job and a meticulous daily work. This is why Carol Vallès Cava cellars would like to invite everyone to taste our cavas in order to share our most precious treasure.