Sight is a great sense that allows us to get a lot of information and interact with it. However, too often the importance of this sense overwhelms the sensitivity of the other four. Cellers Carol Vallès offers you the possibility to do a blind tasting (blindfolded!). Guided by an experimented sommelier, you will enjoy all the character and peculiarities of each Cava, focusing on each aromatic and taste nuance.

The activity includes:

  1. Guided tour of the Caves and vineyards
  2. Blind tasting of 5 caves. The cava tasted will be carefully selected by the sommelier, and will be revealed once the blind test is finished.


2 hours.


The price of the activity is € 19 .


Book in advance by sending an email to the address visites@cellerscarol.com or by calling 93 898 90 78.