Vegetarian brunch among vineyards


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Between breakfast and lunch: brunch. And with KM0 products! A perfect combination in a beautiful setting: our vineyards. At Carol Vallès we offer you the chance to enjoy a fantastic brunch, combined with a guided tour through the cellar and the vineyards, where you can see every aspect of the process of artisanal production in our cellars. The visit starts at the place where the journey from grape to bottle begins, with a guided tour around our ecologic vineyards, and a vegetarian brunch. This activity allows you to immerse yourself in the history and preparation of cava, and enjoy a brunch with local products, surrounded by the cellar’s spectacular vineyards. The activity includes: A guided tour of the vineyards and inside the cellar. An explanation of our traditional cava making process. A guided tasting of two cavas. Breakfast with fruit, bread with tomato, olive oil from the cellars, cheeses and artisan pastries. Duration: Approximately two hours. Indications: Once you purchase the voucher, you must arrange a specific date and time for your visit by sending an email to or calling 93 898 90 78. Remember that once we have received the reservation, we will review it and send you a confirmation email. The reservation is not confirmed until you receive this email. The minimum time in advance to make the reservation is 48 hours before the visit. Please beware of letting us know about any food intolerance you may have before the visit.

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Open date, 27/06/2020, 28/06/2020, 05/07/2020, 12/07/2020, 19/07/2020, 26/07/2020, 01/08/2020, 02/08/2020, 08/09/2020, 09/08/2020, 05/09/2020, 06/09/2020, 12/09/2020, 13/09/2020, 19/09/2020, 20/09/2020, 26/09/2020, 27/09/2020, 03/10/2020, 04/10/2020, 10/10/2020, 11/10/2020, 17/10/2020, 18/10/2020, 24/10/2020, 25/10/2020, 31/10/2020, 07/11/2020, 08/11/2020, 14/11/2020, 15/11/2020, 21/11/2020, 22/11/2020, 28/11/2020, 29/11/2020, 05/12/2020, 06/12/2020, 12/12/2020, 13/12/2020, 19/12/2020, 20/12/2020


12:00, Xec regal

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