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Between breakfast and lunch: a brunch. And also, vegetarian and with KM0 products. A perfect combination in a privileged environment: the vineyards. At Carol Vallès we offer you the possibility of enjoying a fantastic Km0 brunch among vineyards combined with a guided tour of the entire winery and its vineyards where you can see every detail of the artisan production process of our cavas. The visit begins at the place where the long cava path begins, with a tour of the ecological vineyards that surround the estate. The activity ends with a fantastic brunch with typical products of the area.

This activity allows you to immerse yourself in the history of cava and the culture of its production, and enjoy a breakfast with local products next to the spectacular vineyards of the winery.

The activity includes:

  1. Guided tour of the vineyards and inside the winery.
  2. Explanation of the artisan process of making cava.
  3. Commented tasting of fourth cavas.
  4. Vegetarian brunch with tomato bread, Km0 oil, cheeses, seasonal fruit and carquinyolis artisans.


The visit lasts approximately two hours.


If you have a coupon with an open date, you have to reserve a specific day and time in advance by sending an email to or by calling to the phone 93 898 90 78 . You can also do it directly by making a reservation on the web and applying the coupon at the time of payment.

Remember that once the reservation is received, we will review it and send you a confirmation email. The reservation is not confirmed until you receive this email. The minimum time in advance to make the reservation and that it can be confirmed is 48 hours before the visit.

Please remember to let us know before the visit if you have any intolerance or special food needs.

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